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The Athreya Cricket Academy will concentrate on training the basics and fine tuning the cricketing skills, leadership skills allowing the players to fulfil their potentials at the highest level through innovative methods and encouraging environment which very much conducive to the learning process. This level may not normally be supported or available or achievable in schools, colleges and elsewhere.

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Outdoor Nets

We have two Concrete Wickets, One Artificial turf wicket, and Three Green Turf wicket.


Indoor Nets

Regardless to the weather condition indoor nets enable the players to continue their practice without any break.


Green Turf Ground

When compared with artificial turf on playing fields, natural grass provides good traction


Bowling Machine

A Cricket bowling Machine is capable of creating the best part of all attack during the matches.The machine can be turned to throw ball from every angle to simulate right or left hand pitchers which will help the player to excel in batting.



Aimed at Strengthening our students a Multispeciality fitness center will be opened soon within the Academy



A health and fitness focused cafe serving freshly prepared food designed to deliver maximum flavour using only the best ingredients will be opened shortly.

Our Vision

Athreya is constituted with the only view of ident ifying emerging talents and nurture to groom them in to good efficient cricketers, preparing them to meet any challenges in future by providing them expert coaching and other infrastructure facilities, emotional and mental support system which will enable them blossom into accomblished cricketers with a professional attitude and approach to cricket .

Our Mission

  • To identify young talents
  • To provide adequate training with the help of innovat ive methods and expert coaches to hone up their Cricketing skills.
  • To understand the talent very closely and to deal with them differently as their skills demands.
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    Athreya Cricket Academy

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